Lokanta’s are extraordinarily popular dining place in the Anatolian and Mesopotamian culture. The higher classes of society considered them as simple establishments, while for most of the middle class it can be considered luxurious restaurants.


The cuisine of Dunya Lokanta is a mix-up from regional specialities, originating from many areas and cities based around the Anatolian and Mesopotamian cultures. Besides that, Dunya Lokanta is known for it’s excellent service, the high quality of meals, affordable pricing, traditional outfits worn by the staff, the pleasant background music and the warm eastern atmosphere.


Were you aware we also do catering? We are available for any occasions that you have in mind. Whether it’s a simple lunch buffet or a luxurious reception with a traditional atmosphere and fitting music. Dunya Lokanta is available to provide the best service with the consideration of your wishes and budget. Click here to visit our catering website.


As well as our bread and several other meals are prepared in an ages old and traditional manner. Our wood fueled furnace plays an utmost important role in that. It can also be assumed, without question, that our meals are carefully prepared with the freshest products, resulting in the best tastes possible.


The fierce competition and other developments in the food branch have too often resulted in ways where food isn’t prepared through natural means anymore. As a consequence of that, the quality of the food has gone down below the point of what the human body needs in their diet. Here at Dunya Lokanta we have the philosophical idea that the natural state of food should always be central. We make a point out of taking this idea with us through the preparation of our every meal.


Dunya Lokanta offers a wide range of choices when it comes to wine. When we choose our wine we often try to find the best choices that does well in combination with our cuisine.